Do You Own a Burdensome Abandoned Property or Vacant Rental Property?

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Do You Own a Burdensome Abandoned Property or Vacant Rental Property?

Do You Own a Burdensome Abandoned Property or Vacant Rental Property?

If you own an abandoned or vacant property in Central Texas, you understand what a real financial drain it can be.

Is it an eyesore? Public safety hazard? Crime magnet?

While there are many reasons to sell property, there are compelling financial reasons to sell a vacant or abandoned property, especially if it’s a rental property. Vacant rentals can lead to negative income quickly, and, although they’re more challenging to quantify than dollars, this issue comes with powerful psychological side effects as well.

Abandoned properties perpetuate neighborhood fragmentation and often impact neighborhood property values.

Have you thought about selling your abandoned or vacant property but aren’t sure where to turn? Perhaps you dread the thought of repairing or improving the property. Or, maybe you simply can’t afford expensive real estate agent commissions. Whatever the case, we’re here to help.

At Keller Home Solutions, we specialize in solutions–it’s in our name, and we stand by it.

Because we understand the complexities of owning distressed and vacant properties, we also believe in coming to the table with a real, simple solution: a cash offer for your abandoned or vacant property.

You don’t have to get city permits. You don’t have to hire a crew to haul away or clean. You don’t have to pay hefty REALTOR® commissions, and you don’t have to suffer through a long escrow.

We close fast, and you can have your money in hand in as few as seven days, or whatever timeframe works best for you.

Are you ready to get rid of your abandoned or vacant property? We have years of experience, and we’re here to help. Get your CASH offer–call (512) 518-1923 or fill out this form today.

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