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Do You Own Unwanted Rental Property?

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Do You Own Unwanted Rental Property in the Austin Area?

Keller Home Solutions unwanted rental property solutions Austin TX

  • Are you dealing with nightmare tenants?
  • Have your tenants come through your rental like a tornado, damaging everything on the way out?
  • Are you formally evicting your tenants and just want to be DONE with your Austin-area rental property?
  • Is your rental property in disrepair but you simply don’t have the time to fix it?
  • Does your rental keep falling apart due to out-of-date plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems?
  • Have code violations or structural issues made your rental virtually uninhabitable?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

If your perception of being a landlord has soured, or if the unreasonable demands of owning an Austin-area investment property have become unbearable, we are here to help. We understand.

You want OUT of your unwanted rental property.

At Keller Home Solutions, we talk with property owners daily who just wish they knew what to do with the burden of a troublesome investment property.

Being a landlord is stressful and tiring. Managing a rental property is complicated. Repairs can drain the bank account, and a vacant rental property can lead to negative income quickly.

There are many reasons to sell a rental property. From the flexibility of increased liquidity to cutting the losses and expenses of a vacant property, many rental property owners arrive at a point where selling is the best option.

We always recommend that investors evaluate a rental property’s cash flow to determine if it’s time to sell. And because we understand the complexities of owning rentals and the nuances of dealing with tenants in the Austin area, we provide a simple solution: a cash offer for your rental property.

You read that right. We make a cash offer.

You don’t have to make expensive repairs. If the tenants leave your rental a mess, we’ll clean it up. You don’t have to hire a crew to haul away or clean. We close fast, and you can have your money in hand in as few as seven days, or whenever works best for you.

We have years of experience, and we love helping rental property owners in Austin. Put our experience to work for you and say goodbye to the hassles of being a landlord.

Call (512) 518-1923 or fill out this form to get started today.

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